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4 in 1 Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner

4 in 1 Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Do you spend all your free time cleaning , vacuuming and mopping ? It's time to get help from an autonomous and silent robot. Free your mind and take care of your home effortlessly with this new 4-in-1 connected robot vacuum cleaner !

Highlights of this connected robot vacuum cleaner

  • Autonomous, wireless and bagless robot vacuum cleaner

  • 2000 Pa suction power that picks up hair, pet hair and crumbs on the first pass

  • 90 minutes of autonomy thanks to its 3000 mAh capacity battery to support surfaces up to 200 m2

  • Suitable for all surfaces (tiles, parquet, carpet, etc.)

  • Moves easily between and under furniture, avoids obstacles and easily goes into all corners

  • Controllable and programmable remotely via your smartphone thanks to its intuitive, free and compatible iOS and Android application


Who has never dreamed of having their housework done by themselves? Our cleaning robot does not need any human intervention during its operation, it avoids obstacles on its own and does the work for you when you are away or resting.

4-in-1 Connected Autonomous Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Lilikdo

You can finally have peace of mind, this robot vacuum cleaner has been specially designed to be perfectly autonomous. Thanks to our partner specialized in artificial intelligence who designed his brain, our household appliance reduces your cleaning hours and offers you a clean living environment even in your absence.

4 in 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Not only does it sweep, it vacuums, it also cleans the floor for you!


This robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with 2 multi-angle rotating brushes with six branches allowing it to pick up dust and dirt including along the walls as well as in the smallest corners.

4-in-1 Connected Autonomous Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Lilikdo


The second stage allows it to vacuum dust and dirt on the floor. Thanks to powerful and efficient suction, this robot vacuum cleaner will have no mercy for dust.

The 2000 Pa suction power of this robot vacuum cleaner overcomes all types of debris that can be found in a house on the first pass: crumbs, hair, dog hair, cat hair, ash, cigarette butts...etc.

4-in-1 Connected Autonomous Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Lilikdo


The third step will allow you to refine the cleaning by cleaning your floors thanks to its microfiber mop which is fixed under this robot vacuum cleaner thanks to two Velcro strips.

Mopping the floor has never been easier, the robot does it for you quickly, leaving your floor always spotless.

4-in-1 Connected Autonomous Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Lilikdo

Double filtration

It purifies the air with its high-efficiency double filter capable of retaining dust and allergens

This robot vacuum cleaner is not only equipped with a single filter but with 2 filters for high-precision absorption of the finest particles:

  • A first very thick cotton filter to trap the largest dust.

  • A second ultra-fine HEPA filter runs the entire length of the dust bin to collect the finest dust particles, which are often the cause of allergies and asthma.

Filters are a great ally to overcome dust mites and other germs present everywhere in homes.

Smart robot vacuum cleaner

Intelligent, this connected robot vacuum cleaner navigates with millimetric precision thanks to its obstacle and wall length sensors.

Thanks to its innovative technology, it optimizes its trajectory, it knows where it is each time, memorizes the areas already cleaned and detects those that remain to be treated.

4-in-1 Connected Autonomous Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Lilikdo

Compact and Design

Compact and stylish, this round robot vacuum mop 7 centimeters high is able to sneak everywhere, around and under furniture and objects that it is likely to encounter during its cleaning cycle.

Small in size and delicate, it nevertheless has enough power to pass threshold bars, carpet edges or any other obstacle up to 2 centimeters thick.

It is suitable for all types of hard floor (parquet, marble, tiles, linoleum, etc.) and thin carpets.

4-in-1 Connected Autonomous Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Lilikdo


Its 3000 mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with a reduced memory effect, gives it 1h30 of autonomy allowing thorough cleaning of large surfaces of up to 200 m2 in a single charge.

This cordless, bagless robot vacuum features a large 400mL dust bin that comes in the form of a drawer that easily pulls out from the back of the robot.

The opening of the dust container is easy, which allows for quick maintenance.


It cleans silently thanks to its technology which generates a sound level of less than 55 decibels.

4-in-1 Connected Autonomous Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Lilikdo

Easy to use

  1. Plug in and charge the vacuum with the included USB power cable
  2. Unplug it and press the little red switch on the bottom of the device to wake it up
  3. Press the large top button to start the cleaning cycle
  4. Let him do the cleaning without worrying about it
  5. When your floors are clean, press the big button on top
  6. After each use, open the lid of the drip tray, empty it and replace it

4-in-1 Connected Autonomous Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Lilikdo

You can also control and program it remotely easily from your smartphone via Bluetooth thanks to its intuitive, free application compatible with iOS and Android.

4-in-1 Connected Autonomous Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Lilikdo

To connect it to your smartphone, nothing could be simpler:

  1. Scan QR code from smartphone app

  2. Download and install the app

  3. Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone

  4. Press the vacuum's red switch to turn it on

  5. Open the application, click on the top left and select the vacuum cleaner to connect

  6. You can then control and program the connected vacuum cleaner from your smartphone

Included in the package

  • 1 connected robot vacuum mop

  • 2 side brushes

  • 1 removable double filter

  • 1 microfiber mop

  • 2 fixing velcros for the mop

  • 1 USB cable

  • 1 user manual

4-in-1 Connected Autonomous Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Lilikdo

Its technical characteristics

  • Material: ABS Plastic / Electronic Components

  • Product dimensions: 30 x 30 x 7 cm

  • Weight: 880g

  • Supply voltage : 9V

  • Electrical power : 5W

  • Battery type: rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh

  • Operating autonomy : 1h30 between 2 USB recharges

  • Duration of a recharge : 3 hours

  • Cleaning area: 200 m2

  • Suction power: 2000Pa

  • Noise level: < 55 dB

  • Dust Bin Capacity: 400mL

  • Features:

    • 3 in 1 (sweeping / vacuuming / cleaning)

    • Remote control and programming via smartphone app

    • One-click start

    • Automatically change direction when faced with an obstacle

    • Ability to climb obstacles up to 15 degrees

    • Ability to overlap obstacles up to 2 cm
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