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Multi-Tone Waterproof Professional Metal Detector with LCD Display

Multi-Tone Waterproof Professional Metal Detector with LCD Display

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This metal detector is the ideal device to start detecting at a low price. It is intended above all for people wishing to learn the pleasures of detection but can also be suitable for experienced prospectors.

Highlights of this professional metal detector

  • Intuitive backlit LCD display screen

  • Indication of the depth (4 levels) and the probable nature of the target (iron, bronze, gold or silver)

  • Multi-tone detector (bass, medium and treble)

  • Adjustable detection sensitivity

  • Discrimination mode

  • Pin Point function (P/P)


  • Treasure hunt

  • Archaeological exploration

  • Detection of pipes and reinforcement

  • Recycling (search for scrap metal)

  • Customs inspection, security check


It's the perfect metal detector for your outdoor adventures.

With this powerful and versatile device, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold and silver just about anywhere.

The detector scans frequencies ranging from 6.6 kHz to 15 kHz for close ground inspection.

Intuitive backlit LCD control screen

This metal detector has a backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen. So you can search for treasures even when there is no or little light, very practical for carrying out your searches at night or at dusk.

Its LCD screen offers a more professional and advanced use of the metal detector.

This control screen clearly and intuitively indicates:

  • Battery charge level

  • Sound level (speaker or headphones)

  • The selected detection sensitivity

  • The approach of a target (the screen flashes in the middle of the screen)

  • Target depth on 4 levels (2" to 8")

  • The probable nature of the target (iron, bronze, gold, or silver)

Multi-Tone Waterproof Professional Metal Detector with Multi-tone detector

Easy to use, this multi-tone metal detector offers visual identification thanks to the control screen but also sound, using 3 types of tone (low, medium and high) depending on the nature of the target material (iron, bronze, gold, silver).

The higher the sound, the more the target is conductive and therefore potentially interesting. Conversely, the more serious the sound, the more the target will be weakly conductive and therefore potentially uninteresting.

You do not need to constantly monitor the LCD screen, when an object is detected, a unique tone corresponding to a target is generated and you can immediately decide whether the objects are worth collecting.

Waterproof speaker and headphone jack

Provided for the connection of headphones. Both stereo and mono headphones can be used.

Discrimination Mode

The detector detects all kinds of metal objects. Unless you have set some objects that you don't want to detect.

Press the MODE button to adjust the sensitivity, the volume but also to select the nature of the targets to be detected or not (Discrimination Mode).

Thanks to this mode, you can set the detector so that it does not react to certain types of target.

Multi-Tone Waterproof Professional Metal Detector with

Pin Point function (P/P)

This feature allows for faster target location by helping you the user to find precisely where valuable targets may be buried.

Compact, lightweight and ergonomic

Metal detectors are generally heavy and uncomfortable. Its light weight gives it pleasant and prolonged use. No longer miss treasures because of aches. In addition, the use is pleasant thanks to its foams arranged around the forearm and the elbow.

The length of its rod is adaptable according to the size of the user, it can extend and reduce to suit both a child and an adult of 2 meters.

Multi-Tone Waterproof Professional Metal Detector with

The handle is thicker, and the red and black color brings a direct visual effect. It was designed to eliminate strain on the forearm.

The strap of the armrest is made of nylon to further strengthen the support of the detector.

Water and abrasion resistant search coil

The disc is made with an abrasion resistant material which ensures that the detector performs well despite use over time.

Since the searchcoil is completely waterproof, you can also use this metal detector in shallow waters.

Multi-Tone Waterproof Professional Metal Detector with


  • Material: ABS plastic (detector and disk) and Aluminum (rod)

  • Weight : 1.6kg

  • Power supply : 2 x 6LR61 9V batteries (not included)

  • Autonomy : 24 hours

  • Preferred terrain : Clean interior lands (fields, forests, meadows, beaches)

  • Display Type : Backlit LCD

  • Disc type: 8.5" diameter sealed concentric

  • Frequency : 6.6kHz +/- 0.2kHz

  • Sensitivity : adjustable up to 18 cm (for a 25 ct US coin)

  • Detection mode: Discrimination / PinPoint

  • Rod length : adjustable up to 1.34m

  • Audio jack: 3.5mm jack

  • Operating temperature : -15 to 45°C

  • Warranty : 1 year

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