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Wireless EMS Muscle Stimulators for Abs, Buttocks, Legs, Arms and Hips

Wireless EMS Muscle Stimulators for Abs, Buttocks, Legs, Arms and Hips

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Take advantage today of an exceptional reduction of 50%

Thanks to these muscle electrostimulators , tone your muscles and get the body of your dreams with ease, without having to spend hours in the gym!

Wireless Ems Muscle Stimulators for Abdo

    Strong points

    • Redraws, develops and strengthens all the muscles of your body (abdominals, glutes, legs, arms, hips)

    • Helps you burn calories and shed extra pounds

    • 6 training modes and 10 muscle work intensities

    • Compact, light and discreet

    • Suitable for both men and women

    Wireless Ems Muscle Stimulators for Abdo

      Description of these wireless electrostimulators

      Designed to redesign , develop and strengthen all the muscles in your body , our muscle stimulators will revolutionize the way you exercise.

      Their operation is based on the latest generation EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology used in the best Fitness and Physiotherapy centers.

      It makes it possible to reproduce, thanks to electric micro-pulses, the natural cycles of contraction/relaxation of the muscles caused during exercise sessions: 12 minutes of use is equivalent to running for 1,500 meters or swimming for 30 minutes .

      Electrostimulation of your muscles also allows you to burn calories and helps you lose unwanted pounds .

      Wireless Ems Muscle Stimulators for Abdo

      These EMS muscle electrostimulators are wireless, discreet and lightweight . You can then wear them under your clothes and take them everywhere with you.

      Our wireless EMS muscle electrostimulators adapt to all body types to ensure effective muscle work and obtain results from the second week of use!

      Abdominal work

      The electrostimulator dedicated to abdominal work helps you get a nice flat stomach, reshape your muscles and make your chocolate bar appear!

      The 6 wings of this electrostimulator are equipped with electrodes which act directly on the abdominal muscles (rectus, transverse).

      Wireless Ems Muscle Stimulators for Abdo

      Work legs, arms and hips

      In addition to the work of the abdominal electrostimulator, you can use our two specially designed electrostimulators to stimulate the muscles of your thighs (quadriceps, sartorius, hamstrings) , your arms (biceps, triceps) and your hips.

      Wireless Ems Muscle Stimulators for Abdo

      Butt work

      The latest addition to the range, our new electrostimulator dedicated to the gluteal muscles (large, medium and small gluteus) will allow you to develop the muscles of your buttocks effortlessly thanks to perfectly targeted electrostimulation .

      Specially designed for the muscles of the buttocks, it stimulates, strengthens and tones them with precision thanks to its specific design of its ergonomic U-shaped patch .

      The gluteal electrostimulator is very discreet , once the training program has started, you can go about your business .

      Wireless Ems Muscle Stimulators for Abdo

      How to use an electrostimulator

      1. Open the cover on the back of the electrostimulator control box and install 2 AAA batteries correctly.

      2. Attach the control box to the patch of the electrostimulator using the 2 press studs.

      3. Peel off the protective films from the hydrogel pads on the electrostimulator patch.

      4. Position the patch of the electrostimulator on the part of the body you want to work on (abs, thighs, arms, hips, etc.), making sure that the hydrogel pads adhere perfectly to your skin.

      5. Press the ON/INC button on the control box to activate the electrostimulator.

      6. Press the PROGRAM button to choose the training mode.

      7. Press the ON/INC button to increase the intensity of muscle work or the OFF/DEC button to decrease it.

        Different training programs

        A comprehensive 20-minute workout program gradually increases exercise intensity and muscle contractions.

        It also alternates between recovery and training periods .

        The program stops automatically when the workout is finished (after 20 minutes).

        The LED indicator will then flash 3 times.

        • Mode A and B: Effective fat reduction

        • Mode C and D: Increase in muscle mass

        • Mode E and F: Muscle strengthening

        Wireless Ems Muscle Stimulators for Abdo

        Included in the package

        • 1 to 4 patch(s) with hydrogel pads (depending on pack chosen)

          • 1 ab patch

          • 2 leg / arm / hip patches

          • 1 diaper patch

        • 1 to 4 control box(es) (depending on pack chosen)

        • 1 user manual

        Important : All supplied patches are already equipped with their hydrogel pads.


          • Materials: ABS and PC

          • Usage: Bodybuilding and Fitness

          • Gender: Unisex (Male/Female)

          • Power supply: works with 2 AAA batteries (not included)

          • Output Current: 9.8mA

          • Frequency: 1 to 100 Hz

          • Working mode: 6 training modes and 10 muscle work intensities

          • Operating time: 12 minutes

          Precaution of use

          Our electrostimulators should not be used under the following conditions:

          • people who have undergone a transplant or who wear any type of electronic device (e.g. pacemaker).

          • patients who have recently had surgery in the area of ​​the abdomen or arm.

          • people prone to epileptic seizures

          • people with blood circulation disorders.

          • pregnant and postnatal women.

          • cancer patients.

          • people allergic to hydrogel pads.

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